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White Male With Vampire Obsession Killed 90-Year-Old Woman, Ripped Her Heart Out And Drank Her Blood

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Devil: Matthew Hardman

A teenage paperboy with a vampire obsession, who ripped out a 90-year-old woman's heart and drank her blood, is the latest murderer to feature in Channel 5 series The Kids Who Kill. 

Matthew Hardman, then 17, broke into Mabel Leyshon's bungalow in Anglesey, North Wales, in December 2001, carrying one of the most gruesome murders in UK legal history in a bid to become immortal.

The documentary details how killer Hardman stabbed Ms Leyshon 22 times, cut open her chest to remove her heart, and drank the blood from it before cutting out her heart and laying two pokers in a cross shape by her feet.

Ms Leyshon's body was found two days later, shocking officers from North Wales Police to their core.

The diabolical white killer, who was an art student, had previously attacked a German exchange student after she refused to bite him on the neck to make him immortal, the Sunday Express reports.   

The violent offender told police that old people were the sort to have their blood drunk by vampires. It transpired that he had been smoking cannabis and had searched the Internet for 'vampires, gothic flesh eating and other macabre things'. 

R.I.P. (Rot In Piss): Mabel Leyshon

Det Sgt Iestyn Davies said Hardman had 'this deep-rooted insanity', adding: 'He believed if he murdered this old lady of 90, disembowelled her, ripped her heart out and drank her blood, he would be a vampire for ever.'

The officer added: 'Now, to believe that is insane. 

'He was one of the most violent evil offenders that I have dealt with.'

Hardman was convicted and jailed for life after three hours' deliberations at Mold Crown Court in August 2002.

Det Supt Jones said: 'If he had got away with it, if we had not discovered him, he could have gone on and committed further horrendous crimes.'  

During the sentencing Judge Mr Justice Richards said all the evidence pointed to the fact that Hardman believed he could achieve immortality by killing Mrs Leyshon and drinking her blood.

Mr Justice Richards said: 'You have been convicted by the jury on the strength of the most compelling evidence.

'The horrific nature of this murder was plain to all. It was a vicious and sustained attack on a vulnerable old lady in her own home, aggravated by the mutilation of her body after she had been killed.

'It was planned and carefully calculated.

'Why you should have acted in this way is difficult to comprehend but I am drawn to the conclusion that vampirism had indeed become a near obsession with you, that you really did believe that this myth may be true, that you did think that you would achieve immortality by the drinking of another person's blood and you found this an irresistible attraction.'

Mr Justice Richards continued: 'It may well seem incredible but in my judgment that is where the evidence leads.

'One might hope for a psychological explanation for your behavior but none is offered.

'I must proceed on the basis that you are of sound mind and I must look for an explanation for your behaviour elsewhere.

'You have specific learning difficulties but this can't account for it.

'I can make an allowance for a degree of confused thinking and immaturity, for some childish fantasising, but the fact remains this was an act of great wickedness and one that you have not faced up to and one for which you have not shown any remorse.

'You hoped for immortality but all you have achieved is the brutal ending of another person's life and the bringing of a life sentence upon yourself.'

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8188293/Teenager-vampire-obsession-ripped-90-year-old-womans-heart-drank-blood.html

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