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White Mother And Boyfriend Beat Baby To Death Before Throwing Body Into River In Plastic Bag

Devil: Tatiana Pupishina

A diabolical white mother and her white boyfriend have been charged after killing her seven-month-old baby son and throwing the body into a river in a plastic bag.

Tatiana Pupishina, 24, and her partner Yevgeniy Gavrilov, 29, are accused of beating little Nikita to death at their home.

The horrific events unfolded in the city of Chelyabinsk, south-central Russia on October 17.

Reports say the child was sleeping in his bed when Gavrilov, who police say was drunk at the time, collapsed on his crib and broke it down.

Nikita woke up and started crying after falling out of his broken bed and landing on the floor, it is reported.

After the boy started wailing, Gavrilov went into a rage and attacked him.

The typical white brute is accused of hitting tiny Nikita hard on the head several times causing his death, police said.

The child's body remained in the apartment for the next three days before the evil Pupishina and Gavrilov got rid of it, it is alleged.

The pair of devil are accused of putting the corpse into a plastic bag, taking it to another part of the city and throwing it into the Miass river, investigators said.

To prevent the bag from floating up, they put stones in it before drowning it, it is alleged.

Pupishina and Gavrilov are also accused of putting Nikita's clothes in several bags and throwing them in the river as well.

Devil: Yevgenly Gavrilov

After getting rid of the body, Pupishina went to a police station and claimed Nikita had been kidnapped.

However, during an interview, detectives claimed they quickly found out she had made up the story to cover up the crime.

On Friday, Nikita's body was raised to the surface by divers after the mother told the police its whereabouts.

Pupishina and Gavrilov were charged with murder of a minor and placed into custody.

Local Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Shyshkov claimed: "The suspects hit the boy on the head numerous times causing his death then threw the body into the Miass river."

Nikita was neglected and constantly cried as Pupishina and Gavrilov drank together or with some friends, it is alleged.

Local prosecutor's office has launched a criminal case for negligence against social services who reportedly knew about Nikita's situation but did nothing to help him.


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