White Mother From Las Vegas Accused Of Attempting To Smother "Evil" Newborn

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Devil: Ashley Hollingsworth

A Las Vegas white female was arrested on Wednesday after she attempted to smother her “evil” newborn on the way to the hospital.

Ashley Hollingsworth faces one charge of attempted murder and child abuse, according to Las Vegas police.

The diabolical 22-year-old had given a home birth on Saturday and was en route to MountainView Hospital when she wrapped a blanket around the newborn’s head, according to KLAS.

She compressed the blanket against the child’s nose and face. Upon arrival at the hospital, the evil bitch refused to enter the emergency room because she was “bleeding profusely.”

The psychopath fled from the area near the hospital and was found about two hours later with “self-inflicted injuries” to her head and face. She told police she was “beat up by a rock,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Hollingsworth’s injuries are reflected in her booking photo, which showed the woman with two, large black eyes.

She told police there was “something evil” in her stomach and was trying to kill it.

The baby’s father, who traveled with her, brought the baby to the hospital staff for treatment.

According to authorities, MountainView doctors initially believed the baby suffered a brain bleed. However, the diagnosis showed the baby didn’t sustain any injuries from the horrifying incident.

Hollingsworth is set to appear in court on Monday.

Source: https://nypost.com/2022/04/02/las-vegas-mother-ashley-hollingsworth-accused-of-attempting-to-smother-evil-newborn/

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