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White Mother's Rotting Body Concealed With 66 Air Fresheners

*Hat Tip: Stephen S.

Devil: Jo-Whitney Outland

The discovery of a 78-year-old woman’s rotting body in a rocking chair led authorities to arrest her daughter, according to officials.

Jo-Whitney Outland, 55, was charged Monday after her mom was found dead surrounded by 66

air fresheners at their home in Bristol, Virginia, the Bristol Herald Courier reported.

Concerned relatives who hadn’t heard from Outland’s elderly mom, Rosemary, decided Monday to check on the woman at the residence, authorities said.

After Outland turned them away, saying her mom wasn’t home, they climbed through a window, according to police.

“They found what they believed was their deceased aunt inside the home,” Sgt. Steve Crawford told the Bristol Herald Courier. “They couldn’t tell for sure.”

The relatives called 911 and authorities entered the home to find Rosemary’s body under more than 50 blankets.

“I pulled back the blankets, and I see the body of an elderly female under these blankets,” Crawford said. “There were all of these air fresheners around.”

Officers wore protective suits as they dug through the blankets, car air fresheners and other items, to recover the body.

Police said there were no signs of foul play on her body and they believe she died from natural causes.

Near the body, there was a letter penned by Outland claiming her mother died in December 2018.

“It’s very bizarre,” Crawford said. “I don’t know what her future plans were.”

Police arrested Outland and charged her with felony concealment of a body.


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