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White Mother Sentenced To 8 Years For Fracturing The Skull Of 4-Month-Old Daughter

Devil: Holly Gray-Lapple

Holly Gray-Lapple, 22, will spend eight years in prison for beating her 4-month-old daughter to the point that the child suffered a skull fracture, multiple brain bruises, a collapsed lung and more. On Jan. 17, the diabolical bitch took her daughter to the Preble County Emergency Room and told caregivers the child had had a seizure. Bruises were visible on the child's forehead and eyelids, but the evil white barbarian said she didn't know what caused them. The child was taken to Dayton Children's Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a skull fracture, multiple brain bruises and bleeds, a collapsed lung and multiple bruises to her face and back. The monster bitch initially repeated the same story to staff at Dayton Children's as well as a detective from the Preble County Sheriff's Office. But once she was confronted with the extent of her daughter's injuries, the filthy white beast said she had accidentally hit the child's head against the kitchen wall that morning and had forgotten to mention it.

During the trial, a medical expert testified the injuries were consistent with multiple blunt-force trauma and/or incidents of severe shaking. He also said they weren't the result of a single, minor accident. "There is no greater treachery than that of a mother against her infant child," Preble County Prosecutor Martin Votel said at the time. "The 4-month-old child victim in this case ... suffered terrible injuries at the hands of the defendant. She underwent multiple surgeries and suffered complications from those surgeries. The testimony at trial confirmed that she very well could have died from this abuse. "We are lucky that (she) is still with us and equally as fortunate that the defendant received a sentence befitting her crimes against her daughter and this community."

Source: https://www.pal-item.com/story/news/crime/2019/08/26/preble-county-mom-given-8-years-abusing-4-month-old-daughter/2124189001/

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