White Ogre Arrested For Commiting Sexual Crimes Against His Girlfriend's Child

Devil: James Sapp

A Trenton man was arrested over the holiday weekend for committing sexual crimes against a child.

Levy County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) Lieutenant, Scott Tummond, says they received a report on July 4th from a mother, stating her child had been abused by her boyfriend, James Sapp.

The mother reported she found digital evidence on the fat pedophile's cell phone, Tummond says, showing him inappropriately interacting with the 4-year-old child.

Tummond says detectives determined the child molester used his cell phone to record himself in a sexual act with the child.

The shameless child rapist was arrested, Tummond says, and is being charged with capital sexual battery and using a two way communication device to commit a felony.

Tummond says the fat beast is being held at the Levy County Detention Center on a $1.05 million bond.

Source: https://mycbs4.com/news/local/trenton-man-arrested-for-committing-sexual-crimes-against-his-girlfriends-child

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