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White Ogress Raped A Dog And Killed Her Kids

Diabolical dog fucker: Lisa Snyder

A Pennsylvania white shrek accused of hanging her two kids with a dog leash showed no emotion as she appeared in court this week — while a cop who found the bodies was left fighting back tears on the stand, according to reports.

Lisa Snyder — who is also charged with having sex with her dog — did not react to damning testimony against her during a four-hour preliminary hearing Wednesday into the murder charges, the Morning Call said.

Wearing a bright yellow prison sweatshirt, the 37-year-old dog fucker maintained a stoic expression as she was led to and from the Berks County Courthouse.

The ogress is accused of hanging her kids, Conner, 8, and Brinley, 4, with a dog leash in the basement of her Albany Township home last September. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Paramedic Eric Bubbenmoyer, one of the first to arrive at the scene, said the ogress was sitting on the front steps of the house and “was not crying,” he told the court, according to the paper.

Trooper Jeffrey Hummel, who helped carry the kids’ lifeless bodies out of the basement, then fought back tears from the stand as he was asked to identify the dead children from photos, the report says.

R.I.P. (Rot In Poop): Conner and Brinley

“I’m human,” the trooper replied when asked about his emotion.

Other family members of the dead children — many wearing pins with photos of the tragic pair — openly wept in court, the Morning Call reports.

Snyder has claimed that her son was responsible for killing himself as well as his little sister. But prosecutors insisted there was no way the youngster had the dexterity to fashion the dog lead into two nooses.

“Conner was incapable of doing this to himself. He was incapable of doing this to his sister,” Assistant District Attorney Margaret McCallum told the court, according to publication.

“These children were found hanged. Their mother was the only adult in the house.”

Conner and Brinley died after being taken off life support three days after being found. Their obese mother was arrested and charged in December.

In addition to first- and third-degree murder, the dog fucker is charged with tampering with evidence, endangering the welfare of children, animal cruelty and sexual intercourse with a dog.

The dog-related charges stem from sexually explicit photos of the white savage with the family dog that were uncovered during the investigation, the reports say.

Prosecutors collected nearly 2,000 pages of the bitch’s Facebook activity as part of the investigation, as well as messages where she sent the bestiality photos, the court heard.

The white beast’s attorney, Dennis Charles, insisted the case was based on “speculation and guesswork.”

“You don’t have any evidence that Lisa Snyder hanged these children,” he told the court, the Morning Call reports.


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