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White On White Crime: Dad From Hell Sentenced To Death For Killing His 5 Kids

*Hat Tip: Kevin D.

Devil: Timothy Jones Jr.

The devilish South Carolina dad convicted of murdering his five young children was sentenced to death on Thursday, with jurors voting unanimously to kill him.

Timothy Jones Jr., 37, had been convicted by the same Lexington County jury a week ago after being charged in the 2014 deaths of his kids, ages 1 to 8.

He confessed to the slayings, telling investigators that he first forced his 6-year-old son Nahtahn to exercise until the point he collapsed and died before strangling and choking the boy’s siblings — Merah, Elias, Gabriel and Abigail.

During his trial, an ex-girlfriend testified against Jones and claimed that he was an extremely strict parent. She said that he was known to “whip” his kids over minor things — like spilling a drink — and would often force them to “stand in the corner on their tippy toes all day long.”

The woman claimed that there was nothing she could do about the monster’s temper and savage disciplining, which also included beatings with belts. He wound up choking his two youngest children with a belt after strangling the others and then drove around with them for nine days before dumping their bodies.

The white killer had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity — with his defense team arguing that a schizophrenic disorder had created voices in his head, which forced him to kill his children. He is the second person to be sentenced to death in South Carolina in the last five years. However, South Carolina hasn’t executed a person since 2011.


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