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White Savage Beats His Girlfriend, Rapes Her While Threatening To Rape Her 10-Year-Old Sister

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Devils: Jade Workman with Zane Earny-Maslen

When Jade Workman started dating her diabolical college friend Zane Earney-Maslen, it didn't take her long to realize he had a devilish side.

The 18-year-old McDonald's worker, from Swindon, tried to dump the brute after just a month but Zane, 20, threatened to hurt her family, trapping Jade in the relationship.

Things finally culminated in a brutal attack, where Zane beat Jade to a bloody pulp then forced her to have sex with him - over threats he would rape her 10-year-old sister.

Watching as my phone rang yet again, I tried to calm my pounding heart until it rang off to voicemail.

I had absolutely no desire to listen to it, but in the end anxiety got the better of me.

Answer the fucking phone you cunt,’ came the disturbed voice down the other end. ‘I’m going to fucking kill you you cunt because I’m an evil motherfucker!’

A stranger probably wouldn't guess the man calling me was my boyfriend. But that's exactly who Zane was.

I wish I could say our four-month relationship wasn't always this way. But I’d be lying if I said he was anything but a monster.

We met at college, where we were both on the same course.

Zane was the only guy who didn’t speak to me at first so, keen to make friends, I approached him and struck up a conversation.

Just as quickly as we became an item, things took a downward spiral.

Initially, I thought he was just being protective when he rang me non-stop, wanting to know exactly who I was with and what I was up to.

But he was controlling - and became frightening when I didn’t answer.

Zane would leave horrendous voicemails, calling me all the names under the sun.

On other days, he would make me feel like a million dollars, as if I was the only person in the world who mattered.

Just a month into the relationship, I tried to leave him. But nothing could prepare me for the response I got.

‘Leave me and I’ll come after you, and your family,’ he hissed.

I felt like a prisoner, but stayed with him to protect my mom Tracey, sister El*, 10, and 12-year-old brother Max*. They were my world.

Terrified of what Zane was capable of, I set up a secret Instagram account and documented my torment.

I thought, if anything terrible happened to me, police would have a diary they could access.

In the meantime, I stayed with Zane, keeping him at arm’s length but knowing I was at risk.

Weeks after that particularly horrendous voicemail, in February 2018, we went away for the weekend with my extended family in Gloucester.

Surprisingly, things went well. They liked Zane and we stayed at my cousin's house, without any rows.

That's until the last day, Monday February 12, when a message flashed up on Zane's phone, which he had left on the kitchen counter.

It was from a woman I didn't know, and read: ‘When can I see you?’

I suddenly realized, not only was I in an abusive relationship, but Zane may have been cheating too.

It tipped me over the edge and, alone in the house, I made the mistake of confronting him when he walked back into the room.

‘Have you been going through my fucking phone?’ Zane spat, grabbing me and smacking me in the face.

I was stunned and stumbled backwards. It was the first time he had actually hit me.

I ran past him and upstairs to the bathroom, where I locked the door.

‘I’m leaving you,’ I screamed, the sting in my cheek unbearable.

But Zane's rage was uncontrollable. He thumped on the door from the hallway, then started kicking it over and over.

I cowered as he smashed the door off its hinges before lunging at me and punching me square in the face multiple times. I could taste blood in my mouth.

Then Zane took off his belt and beat me with it. I screamed in pain with every lashing.

He had a knife, which he held to my throat. ‘I’ll slit your throat if you ever leave me,’ he raged.

Zane continued to beat me to a bloody pulp.

Then, barely conscious, he dragged me into one of the spare rooms and shoved me onto the bed, locking the door as he left the room.

I felt concussed and dizzy but managed to take some pictures of my bloodied face and bruised body.

After what seemed like an eternity, Zane burst through the door again. What he said next made me sick to my core.

‘I’ve got a petrol bomb and I’m going to use it to set fire to your mom’s house,’ he warned. ‘Your whole family will burn.’

With my heart pounding, I begged him not to.

‘And I’ll rape your sister in front of you,’ he continued. I froze in shock.

Before he beat me I had always taken his threats - no matter how chilling - with a pinch of salt.

But seeing how his behavior had escalated over the course of a few hours, I was terrified he would actually do it.

I thought of El - so innocent in all of this. I couldn’t have him going anywhere near her.

‘I’ll do anything,’ I said. ‘Please don’t hurt my family.’

Feeling my swollen face, I figured things couldn’t get much worse. But I was wrong.

Sickeningly, Zane made me sleep with him in exchange for the safety of my family. Thankfully, it was over quickly.

On the drive back home, with make-up on over my bruises, I tried to keep things as calm as possible.

I knew I needed to escape Zane, but in a way which didn't put my family at risk.

The next day, I went into work at McDonald's as usual.

On my break, I uploaded the images of my black eye, bruised body and bloody nose onto my secret Instagram page.

But, to my horror, a comment from Zane immediately popped up. He had found me.

'Is this your little secret profile then?' he wrote. 'You're dead, you and your family.'

Terrified, I called my mom. I told her all about the abuse and death threats.

'I'll come and get you,' she said. 'Stay put.'

Zane had threatened to come to my work within minutes and I was terrified about what he was going to do.

Thankfully, Mom got there first and took me straight to the police station.

Zane was arrested and charged with assault. He was sentenced to a 12-month community order and instructed to pay an £85 victim services contribution in June last year.

He later pleaded guilty to three further counts of controlling and coercive behavior, sending threatening communication and making threats to kill.

He will be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court on August 30.

As for me, my bruises may have healed but the rest of me hasn't.

Zane has been out on bail most of the time and the non-molestation order slapped on him by a judge expired months ago.

This means he could easily make contact again if he wanted to or continue his reign of terror on those I love.

It's why I want to share my story, so everybody knows he made horrific threats to my family and me, whatever the outcome of his sentencing.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9680684/monster-boyfriend-beat-pulp-forced-sex-threatening-rape-sister/

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