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White Savage With Face Covered With By Tattoos Charged For Rape

*Hat Tip: Kevin D.

Devil: Michael Campbell

In news that will likely come as a surprise to exactly nobody, the guy pictured above is back behind bars on a felony charge.

Michael Campbell, who has previously been described as the world’s scariest perp, is being held on $100,000 bond in a Missouri county jail following his recent arrest on a felony attempted rape count.

The 46-year-old Campbell, who is locked up at the Greene County jail in Springfield, is scheduled for an October 25 appearance in Circuit Court.

The sex terrorist, a registered sex offender whose rap sheet includes convictions for assault, burglary, grand theft, sexual assault, and escape from custody, is charged with trying to rape a woman while she was in bed with her boyfriend, who was asleep. The woman, cops reported, described her assailant as “an unknown white male with face tattoos.”

Investigators say the white rapist subsequently fled the residence--which is described as a “facility” in a police report--on a blue bicycle. A tenant told cops that he saw the woman’s boyfriend “chasing a male with lots of tattoos all over his face and neck out the South door of the facility.”

When police subsequently contacted the white brute, he was riding a gold bicycle that “appeared to have been freshly painted,” with “blue and purple paint under the gold paint.” The sex criminal denied trying to rape the woman, whom he claimed made “sexual advances towards him” inside a bathroom. The shameless rapist said that he “told her no” since he “had a curfew and needed to leave.”

In a felony complaint filed in August, the terrorist is described as a “persistent sexual offender” who, if convicted of the rape charge, could face a sentence of life imprisonment. In 1995, Campbell was found guilty in Colorado of attempted sexual assault.

Campbell was convicted last year in Greene County for assault, property damage, and violating an order of protection (for which he served six months in custody).

Campbell’s array of tattoos include a pentagram on his forehead and a bow tie on his neck. As seen in the above mug shots, most of Campbell’s ink came after his 2003 arrest for theft.


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