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White Shrek Snared With Child Abuse Films At Home He Shared With His Parents

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David Munro distributed child porn
Devil: David Munro

A sordid beast was snared at his parents’ house with movies of children being raped.

Vile David Munro, 48, collected and shared the horrific files over the internet with other pedophiles.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard cops who raided the address in Johnstone discovered a cache of 80 photographs on his laptop computer featuring girls as young as four being abused by diabolical men.

The devilish creep also hoarded 79 movie files on his computer.

Dozens of the files were deemed to be Category A - the most depraved level of child sex abuse.

Fiscal depute Pamela Brady told the court how police intelligence prompted a dawn raid on the home the accused shared with his parents, which led to the discovery of the horror cache.

She said: “Police had intelligence that an I.P address at the locus had been uploading indecent images of children and checks were carried out.

“A search warrant was granted and at around 8.10am on November 29, 2017, a number of police officers attended the locus where they were allowed entry by the accused’s mother.

“The accused was present as the search continued.

“He admitted, stating, ‘It has nothing to do with them,’ referring to his mother and stepfather.

“He said, ‘There are some indecent images. It’s nothing to do with them.’

“A laptop computer was located.

“The accused confirmed it was his laptop and that he was the user.”

The court Munro was detained and taken to Govan Police Office where he was quizzed by the cops.

His computer, which was analyzed by cyber crime experts, contained 80 indecent images of children inside folders in the user account name David.

The fiscal told the court an example of Munro’s Category A images was a child being raped.

Ms Brady said: “An additional number of moving images of children were discovered. These were 79 files of which 51 were Category A, 18 were Category B and 10 were Category C.”

She added contact between Munro and other internet pedophiles was discovered as well.

She said: “There was evidence of Skype conversations between the user David Munro and fellow Skype users.

“In the course of these conversations, relating to the abuse of children, the accused was moving image files.”

Yesterday Munro the monster pedophile, of Peockland Gardens, Johnstone, pleaded guilty to charges of taking or permitting to be taken a quantity of indecent images of children between May 12, 2017 and November 27, 2017.

He also admitted a charge of distributing indecent images of children between October 1, 2017, and October 16, 2017.

Defense agent Jonathan Manson confirmed the accused was pleading guilty to the charges at an early stage and he understood the severity of the offences.

Sheriff David Pender told the accused: “There are very serious charges. But I cannot deal with the matter until I have got reports.

“I will adjourn the indictment matter for the preparation of a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and a report from the Pathways Project.”

He placed Munro on the Sex Offenders’ Register and ordered to appear at court on September 19 where he will learn of his fate.

Source: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/beast-snared-child-abuse-films-13130835

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