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White Teacher Sentenced To 2 Years For Sexually Touching Students

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Devil: Thomas Grieve

A former Whitby elementary school teacher convicted of sexually touching eight children has been sentenced to just under two years in jail.

Thomas Grieve’s crimes constituted a profound breach of trust that had an impact on the children, as well as their parents and the broader school community, Ontario Court Judge Marquis Felix said during a sentencing hearing Tuesday, Jan. 7 in Oshawa.

“These are children who were in a safe environment — their school,” the judge said during his lengthy ruling. “That community was entitled to expect their children would be safe.”

In addition to his custodial sentence — he was sentenced to a total of 720 days, 10 days short of two calendar years — The serial child molester will be on probation for 35 months upon his release and will be a registered sex offender for life.

The white monster taught Grades 6 through 8 at Whitby’s Robert Munsch Public School from 2011 to 2018, and prior to that taught at E.A. Fairman Public School, also in Whitby. He’s also been involved as a volleyball coach and taught summer and night school courses.

The pedophile was arrested in March of 2018 after allegations surfaced. He was re-arrested on additional charges in April of 2018 after more complainants came forward.

A publication ban prohibits identifying the complainants.

At the start of his trial in May of 2019, the pervert pleaded not guilty to counts of sexual assault and sexual interference against 14 students. Charges relating to a 15th complainant were withdrawn when the trial began, and during closing submissions in late July, the Crown invited the judge to dismiss charges relating to another complainant. That left the judge to rule on charges relating to each of the remaining 13 complainants.

During Tuesday’s sentencing Felix noted that he’d received numerous letters of support from friends, family and colleagues of the pedophile's that cited the 40-year-old’s long-standing commitment to teaching and coaching young people. The letters were indicative of the pervert’s “exemplary background of pro-social behavior,” the judge noted.

Felix noted, however, that sex criminal’s positive social standing prior to his offenses does not make him unique.

“Those who commit sexual assault often have a very positive background and positive antecedents,” the judge said, adding such defendants often “have the capacity to express remorse and empathy.”

The sex terrorist, who testified at trial and flatly denied any sexual touching of children, has made no such expression since his conviction, Felix noted: “The defendant has not expressed even a murmur of remorse.”

The sex bandit’s teaching career is almost certainly over, the judge noted Tuesday. And during his trial Grieve himself acknowledged that reality as he explained that his tendency to initiate physical contact with students was misinterpreted by his accusers.

“I feel horrible that they perceive me to be touchy,” the pedophile said. “I also feel horrible that my teaching career is gone.”

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