White Teenager Laughed And Shrugged After Throwing 6-Year-Old Boy From Tate Viewing Platform

Devil: Jonty Bravery

A diabolical white teenager laughed and shrugged after throwing a six-year-old boy from a tenth-floor viewing platform at the Tate Modern and claimed he was “on top of the world” after the horrific attack, according to reports.

Jonty Bravery, 18, suddenly picked the youngster who had “skipped ahead” of his parents on a trip to the famous tourist attraction and suddenly threw him over the railings on August 4 last year.

The French boy, on holiday to London with parents, suffered brain injuries, broken arms and legs, and a fractured spine when he landed on a fifth floor roof at the gallery.

Bravery claimed afterwards he had been planning the attack for weeks , believing he was not being properly treated for his mental health problems and hoped that if he killed a stranger he would be locked up for life.

Describing the attack on the boy, prosecutor Deanna Heer said the white terrorist had been “staring and smiling” at other young children before approaching the six-year-old boy, who was looking at the view from the Tate Modern balcony with his parents.

“As they turned away from the railings and walked along the balcony, (the boy) wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts skipped a little way ahead”, she said.

“Ahead of him and facing him was the defendant, who scooped him up and - without any hesitation - carried him straight to the railings and threw him over.”

Ms Heer said the boy plunged head-first down to a fifth-floor roof below, only surviving the horror fall because he struck side of the gallery on the way down.

Bravery backed away from the railings and was swiftly confronted by the boy’s parents, as well as shocked and irate strangers.

“He could be seen to be smiling, he had his arms raised”, she said. “At one point he appeared to shrug and laugh.”

The fair devil told the boy’s disbelieving father “I am mad”, and Ms Heer said he “had a big smile on his face” as an angry crowd began to surround him - “sniggering” when asked if he knew what he had done.

After his arrest, Bravery – who is autistic and had been living in supported accommodation – claimed he planned the attack so that he would be locked up, believing he was not being properly cared for.

“He said he had to prove a point to every idiot who said he didn’t have mental health problems, that he shouldn’t be in the community”, said the prosecutor.

Bravery laughed when shown video of the attack again, and admitted to police he “wanted it to be on the news” and hoped people would hear about what he had done.

The court heard Bravery had researched sulphuric acid, strangulation, news reports of an attempt to murder Sir Robert Malpas when he was pushed on to the Tube line, and the effects of shoving someone into the Thames.

To a doctor Bravery admitted he had “narrowed down” the attack he was planning to strangling a child, throwing a child in the river, or throwing someone off a tall building, and had originally been heading to the Shard on the day of the attack until he could not afford the admission price.

Asked how he felt after the attack at the Tate Modern, Bravery admitted he “felt indestructible and on top of the world”.

Doctors believe the injured boy will require round the clock care until at least 2022, and his parents said in a victim impact statement they are afraid to leave his side for long periods, calling the attack “unforgiveable”.

More than £200,000 has been raised for the boy’s medical care, after he spent months unable to eat, speak, or walk.

The white monster is listening to court proceedings over videolink from Broadmoor secure hospital, and has spent much of the hearing slumped in his chair with his head back.

The court heard he has a history of attacking care workers and fellow patients but had never faced prosecution. He had been accused of a series of assaults at a Brighton Burger King at the time of the Tate Modern attack, but police had released him pending further investigation.

Despite his history of violence and being under police investigation, Bravery was allowed out of his accommodation in Northolt unsupervised on the day of the attempted murder.

Ms Heer told the court a doctor has warned that Bravery may be a danger to the public for the rest of his life.

Bravery has admitted attempted murder and is due to be sentenced later today. The hearing continues.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/jonty-bravery-laughed-throw-boy-tate-balcony-a4480016.html