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White Terrorist Broke Into Family's New Home Took Off Pants Inside A 12-Year-Old Girl's Bedroom

Devil: Donald Oliver

Only two weeks after moving in, a family went through intense moments of white terror after a 12-year-old girl said she found her next-door white neighbor undressing in her bedroom.

"It's initial fear. It's initial shock. It's initial trauma," said the girl's father, Ali Bracey.

Police said Donald Oliver climbed through his neighbor's window on Homeview Drive on Sunday morning.

According to arrest records, the racsit pedophile was in a 12-year-old girl's room, took off his clothes and then went into the kitchen.

The girl hid under her covers and sent an alarming text message to her mother.

"We instantly got up because I'm, like, 'Who can be in the house?' When we saw him, I was just in shock," said the girl's mother, Tina Burton.

Hero: Ali Bracey

"He turned around and he growled at me. He growled like 'grrr!'" Ali Bracey said. "He growled at me, and when he growled at me, I attacked him. I grabbed a broom. I started whacking him with a broom."

Bracey shot Oliver several times during the struggle.

"We're still tussling. I'm punching, punching, punching him. It's like it's being effective, but at the time we're fighting, I'm screaming 'Get something! Grab something! Get something! Grab something!' and next thing I know he got shot."

Oliver was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair Monday. He pleaded not guilty to burglary, assault and drug possession.

The judge increased Oliver's bond to $50,000 Monday. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 25.

Source: https://www.wlky.com/article/musician-brings-unique-volunteering-approach-to-animal-shelter/27195078

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