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White Terrorist Threatened Farmers Who Denied Him Sex With Cows And Horses

*Hat Tip: Phillip King

Devil: Richard Decker

A white male from New Jersey was arrested for asking local farmers permission to have sex with their animals — and then threatening the farmers and damaging their cars when they refused, a report said.

Richard Decker, 31, began sending the messages to Sussex County farms and horse stables in 2018, asking the animal caregivers if he could have sex with their cows and horses, the New Jersey Herald reported.

When he was rejected by the farmers, the horse cock sucker sent threats and placed homemade metal spikes on their driveways to damage their tires, according to the report.

In one case, he threatened to beat a farmer’s wife with a wooden stick when denied permission.

Several of the property owners reported that their tires had been damaged by the spikes.

The cow rapist was arrested in Vernon Township on Oct. 3 after police searched his home.

Inside they found a homemade .22-caliber gun, arrows with explosives attached, and metal spikes similar to those used at the farms.

He was ordered held without bail pending his trial in November.


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