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White Terrorist Who Shot Up A FedEx Facility Was Sexually Obsessed With 'My Little Pony'

*Hat Tip: WalkingBear

Devil: Brandon Hole

The terrorist who shot up an Indianapolis FedEx facility and killed eight people was reportedly part of a bizarre internet subculture obsessed with “My Little Pony.”

Posts on 19-year-old Brandon Hole’s since-taken-down Facebook page appear to indicate he was a member of the “Bronies” community — a group of mostly adult men who are extreme fans of the kiddie toys and animated television show, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Some members are sexually attracted to the characters, while the group also has displayed racist tendencies.

“I hope that I can be with Ap­ple­jack in the af­ter­life, my life has no mean­ing with­out her,” The terrorist wrote on his Facebook page at 10:19 p.m. Thursday, less than an hour before his rampage began, the outlet reported.

The post included a photo of Applejack, a blond pony that is a main character on the show.

The name Brony is a mashup between “bro” and “pony” — and the group has a history of extremist tendencies, the outlet said, citing an internal Facebook memo they reviewed that detailed the post.

“Brony on­line cul­ture has dis­played el­e­ments of far-right and white na­tion­al­ist ex­trem­ism,” the memo stated.

Facebook stopped short of saying Hole’s pony love had anything to do with the shooting, writing in the memo there was no clear evidence it motivated the massacre.

The terrorist, a former employee of FedEx, opened fire in the facility before righteously turning the gun on himself.

His motives remain unclear.


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