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White Terrorist Wore Werewolf Mask While Torturing Girlfriend's Sleeping 2-Year-Old

Diabolical Terrorist: Andrew Ross-Celaius

A white terrorist from Florida was arrested after police found evidence that he tortured his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter on multiple occasions by burning her, shooting her with an airsoft gun and throwing bottles at her as she slept while he wore a werewolf mask, police said.

Andrew Ross-Celaius, 37, was arrested and charged with child abuse, aggravated child abuse, probation violation, possession of a weapon and several drug charges.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said the abuse was discovered when the girl’s mother, 28-year-old Maranda Lyn Mixson, took her to an emergency room thinking she had ringworm.

The ER physicians, who Morgan said are well-versed in spotting child abuse, quickly determined the marks on her body were actually from burns and immediately called the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s deputies were sent to the home where they discovered evidence on surveillance cameras and cell phones.

Chief Deputy Chip Simmons said at a press conference on Wednesday they found systematic “torture” on the tapes. Two videos showed the child sleeping as the man entered the room wearing a werewolf mask and throwing the bottle at the child.

“What really strikes you is the fact that it is dark, the child is sleeping, the door opens and this guy throws a half-empty bottle right into the bed to wake the child up,” Simmons said.

They also found a “number of instances” where Ross-Celaius shot the girl with a airsoft gun to wake and hurt her.

Simmons said one of the more disturbing videos shows the child being shocked with a dog collar as she shrieks in pain. The white terrorist also used a butane lighter to burn the girl — either with the flame or by heating the end and pressing it to her skin.

“If you want to think of something you could do a child to terrorize them, this child lived through that,” Morgan said.

Morgan said there’s a suspicion of sexual abuse — which is still unconfirmed. They believe the the abuse happened for at least two months, but may have been going on for longer.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for over 30 years and when I looked at the evidence that we saw here, me and members of my staff were speechless,” Simmons said.

While in custody, the diabolical terrorist called Eric Furnans, 36, and had him destroy cell phones “which could contain some images recorded of the abuse.” Furnans was arrested and charged for destroying evidence.

Morgan said Mixson was initially arrested for neglect and was released on bond. She is cooperating with investigators and he said they believe she was unaware of the abuse.

“The only saving grace that I can say is that at the end of this, the conclusion of this investigation, we are comforted to some degree by the thought that this precious child will not be harmed tonight,” Simmons said.

During the press conference, Morgan said this isn’t the first time Ross-Celaius has allegedly harmed a child. He was charged with the murder of a 2-year-old in 2006, but was acquitted.

On Wednesday night, the evil white beast was transported from jail to a local hospital after he was found hanging in his jail cell, according to local news reports. He was expected to appear in court on Thursday for the charges, but it’s not known how long he will remain in the hospital now.

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-florida-man-werewolf-mask-torturing-girlfriends-2-year-old-20190503-g3up27mmpjeyvje3e2wiz3mikq-story.html

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