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Wife Walked In On Her Husband Having Incestuous Sex With His Mother

Inbred Devils: Cheryl Lavoie and Tony Lavoie

A 64 year-old white mother and her 42 year-old son could be jailed after the son’s wife caught them having incestuous sex. Cheryl Lavoie and her son Tony Lavoie are said to have been caught in the devilish act at the home they both live in in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, in May this year. Tony’s horrified wife called her cousin after stumbling on the encounter, and that cousin subsequently called police. Cheryl is said to have told detectives she’d grown closer to her biological son in recent months. Tony said that their incestuous tryst ‘had just happened’ after they’d started kissing one another.


Both Tony and Cheryl are said to have admitted having evil sex with one another during a subsequent interview, and insisted it was the first and only time they’d had an incestuous encounter. Tony is also said to have asked for psychiatric help, according to the Sentinel & Enterprise. The pale degenerates were both charged with incest, and denied the crime at a court hearing on Thursday. Both were released on bail and ordered not to contact one another ahead of their next court appearance for a pretrial on October 27.

The savages face between two and a half and 20 years behind bars if convicted of incest.

US stands for Unnatural Sex

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/28/incest-mother-64-son-42-face-jail-wife-caught-sex-13193447

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