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Young Boy Found With Anal Injuries After He Died

*Hat Tip: Princess

Devil: Mason Jet Lee died from a broken ass

Mason Jet Lee's short 21-month-old life was littered with pain and suffering, from severe anal injuries to a broken leg and a blow to his stomach that would eventually cause his death.

His diabolical stepfather, William Andrew O'Sullivan, was last month sentenced to nine years in prison over his involvement in the death of the little boy in June, 2016. 

Mason's extensive injuries and illnesses dated back months before his lifeless body was found at the home of his stepfather in Caboolture, north of Brisbane. 

Courts have previously heard how Mason had missed doctor's appointments, been sent home from hospital after a lengthy stay and left at home alone with a five-year-old boy while his stepfather went to have sex.

The Courier-Mail previously reported how a court had heard O'Sullivan had left Mason at home with a five-year-old boy on the night the toddler died. 

The court had been told how CCTV footage had captured O'Sullivan leaving the home after 10pm and returning with a friend about 11.30pm.

O'Sullivan had left the home to have sex, the court was told. 

On another night, O'Sullivan dragged the little boy to McDonald's at 3am after a night of vomiting instead of the doctors, the court was told.

William Andrew O'Sullivan the baby killer
Devil: William Andrew O'Sullivan

The publication also previously reported that when Mason was found dead by paramedics, he was scarred and bruised and wearing just a singlet which was stained with vomit and feces. 

He had been dead for hours before a call was made to triple-zero, with paramedics crying in the street when confronted with Mason's horrific injuries, it was previously reported. 

O'Sullivan pleaded guilty to four separate charges before the Queensland Supreme Court, including manslaughter and cruelty to a child under 16-years-old.

Mason was the subject of continued and serious mistreatment and neglect during his short life, in which Chief Justice Catherine Holmes described his condition at the time of death as 'wretched and painful.'

'He was not treated with any gentleness or kindness. Worse, you did nothing to get help for him despite what would have been his evident distress,' she said in sentencing O'Sullivan in the Queensland Supreme Court.  

A post-mortem examination revealed Mason had multiple injuries at the time of his death, included a broken leg, a broken tailbone and a ruptured small intestine that slowly poisoned him as it leaked feces into his abdomen.

In addition to the injuries, traces of methamphetamine were found in his blood.

Justice Holmes said O'Sullivan, a self confessed 'crackhead', was likely under the influence of drugs at the time of offending.

A committal hearing heard the toddler suffered a rupture to his small intestine, believed to have been caused by blunt force trauma.

In the months before his death, Mason was treated for multiple injuries and was admitted to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital for three weeks in February 2016, a court was previously told.

That was for treatment of an abscess on Mason's right leg but doctors soon discovered he had a 'chronic' and 'extensive' rash around his genitals, including deep abscesses, the court was told.

Mason would have been unable to eat or drink without vomiting in his final hours and when paramedics attended to him, at least half an hour after death, he was covered in bruises and vomit, the hearing was told. 

Justice Holmes took into account the assault O'Sullivan has been subjected to in prison while awaiting sentencing.

He was sentenced to nine years imprisonment with a non-parole period of four years, meaning he will be eligible for release in 2022.

Cellulitis - likely caused by an insect bite that became infected
Prolapsed anus - likely due to internal pressure from abdominal passage or large, hard stools
Jacquet's dermatitis - rare form of nappy rash
Fractured leg - caused Mason to limp, likely caused by child's play
Mouth ulcers
Perforated duodenum (a segment of the small intestine) - caused death after vomiting, abdominal pain, fever. People who saw him described him as pale, looking unwell and having dark eyes staring blankly
Peritonitis - inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall
Septicemia - allowed faecal matter to fatally contaminate his bloodstream
Fractured coccyx - found in autopsy. Prosecution speculated was caused by kicking
Bruises - caused by fingertips to forehead, jaw, chest and abdomen
Source - AAP 


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