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Young White Brute Rapes 89-Year-Old Woman Before Killing Her

Devil: Thomas James Chapman

The 21-year-old Upstate white male charged with murder after an 89-year-woman was found dead in her home on Easter Sunday was in court Tuesday morning.

Margaret Alice Karr's body was found at about 2:15 p.m. in a home on Mills Avenue in Liberty, Pickens County Coroner Kandy Kelley said.

On Monday, Thomas James Chapman was identified as a potential suspect during a neighborhood canvas, according to Chief Adam Gilstrap, with the Liberty Police Department.

The murderer was in court Tuesday morning.

WYFF News 4's Dana Griffin was in the courtroom. She said the ruthless killer held his head and cried while the judge read him his rights.

Members of Alice Karr's family were also in the courtroom.

"Our hope, our expectation is justice will be served on behalf of Alice Karr," a family member told the judge. "And when justice is served the focus turns to Alice's life and not to her death."

An arrest warrant said diabolical white savage broke into Karr's home during the night and sexually assaulted her.

The warrant said the barbarian also strangled Karr and cut her with a knife.

The rapist stole money from the home, the warrant said.

The terrorist has been charged with murder, criminal sexual conduct, burglary, assault and battery, weapon possession and petit larceny.


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